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Camp Bluebird

What is Camp Bluebird?

Camp Bluebird offers a unique experience for adult cancer patients. Sponsored by Providence Hospital and the Telephone Pioneers, Camp Bluebird offers recreation, relaxation, crafts and activities, non-denominational worship services and the opportunity to openly discuss the experiences and emotions associated with cancer with other survivors. On the last day, as a sign of hope, each camper builds a birdhouse. Family members and close friends are invited to attend the concluding luncheon.

The purpose of the camp is to provide:

  • A time for listening and learning
  • A time for sharing and caring
  • Analysis of life-style and adjustments in living with cancer
  • Family support—how to give it and accept it
  • Assessment of non-medical needs and ways to meet those needs
  • Educational assistance for medically related concerns
  • Nutrition information
Participants describe Camp Bluebird as a “a wonderful experience, with upbeat people sharing their experiences with cancer and survival.” Camp Bluebird is uplifting—not sad as one might think. Campers share lots of laughter, and a few tears, but the emphasis is on maintaining hope and a positive attitude.

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