Foundation Board Members

The Ascension Wisconsin Foundation is led by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors who serve as ambassadors to our community as business leaders, healthcare advocates and philanthropic stewards.  The Foundation Board provides knowledge, strategy and leadership, serving as a partner in driving growth and advancement of healthcare in the greater Milwaukee area.

Robert VanHimbergen - Chair 

Val Johnson - Secretary

Richard Butler - Treasurer

Dr. Michael Brin

Dr. Margaret Carr

Margadette Demet

Kelly Elkins

Dr. Michelle Graham

Amy Junker

Mike Kotecki

Tina Kreitlow

Don Levy

Dr. Guillermo Martinez-Torres

Dr. Edwin Montgomery

Lynn Nicholas

Dr. Stephen Ragatz

Gerard Randall, Jr.

Bill Scanlon, Jr.

Jay Schauer

Tom Schmid

Matt Smith

Kathy Szeflinski

Tom Zabjek

Patti Shafto-Carlson - Executive Director

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