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7/1/21: Thanks to the Antoinette A. & Matthew Keenan Endowment for renewing its partnership in Ascension Seton Dental Clinic and Ascension St. Ben’s Clinic for the homeless with $10,000 grants for 2021-2022. Because of this support, Seton delivers urgent and restorative dental care to people in need, and St. Ben’s delivers primary healthcare to the most vulnerable among us, people who live on our streets and in shelters.

Bill Mulloly assists patients at St. Ben's Clinic in Milwaukee, WI

7/1/21: Thanks to United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County for renewing its support of Ascension Seton Dental Clinic and the Ascension Blanket of Love program with grants of $48,750 and $29,250, respectively, through the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership’s Health Improvement Fund. With this support for 2021-2022, United Way and the Partnership will bring care to people in need -- urgent dental care at Seton to stop tooth pain and disease, and prenatal education, resources, and support through Blanket of Love to promote healthy births, healthy babies, and healthy mothers. Read more here about how you make a difference

Wishing all a happy Nurses Week! To celebrate, we feature Julia Means, RN, and the important work she is leading in the Milwaukee with the Ascension WI Community Services Team. Thank you for all that you do for our communities, patients, and organization! Take a look at the story here

Julia Means and Blanket of Love





Thanks to the Forest County Potawatomi Foundation for renewing its support of the Ascension Smart Smiles program with a $15,000 grant for 2021-2022. The Potawatomi Foundation’s partnership will continue to bring important preventive dental care and screening to Milwaukee-area children -- right in their own schools -- as well as follow-up care on Ascension Seton Mobile Dental Clinic. For more program information, click here

Ascension Smart Smiles, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Thanks to the Catholic Community Foundation for renewing its partnership with Ascension Wisconsin with a $50,000 grant for 2021-2022. The funds support many of the community impact programs run by Ascension Wisconsin -- $15,000 grants for Ascension St. Ben’s Clinic at the Cathedral Center and Ascension Seton Dental Clinic, and $10,000 grants for Ascension Angel of Hope Clinic and the Safe Place for Newborns program at Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital-St. Joseph Campus. Catholic Community Foundation will provide care for people in need in Milwaukee -- health education and services to homeless women and children at the Cathedral Center shelter; urgent dental care to stop pain from diseased teeth; primary care at Hope House shelter; and a place where parents can safely relinquish newborns for adoption.

Thanks to the Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile program for renewing its partnership in the Ascension Smart Smiles school-based oral health program with a $28,012 grant. With this support, Smart Smiles will deliver important preventive dental care -- including sealants to prevent cavities -- to more than 1,500 children in need in 12 Milwaukee-area schools this school year. Smart Smiles also arranges for follow-up clinical care for children as needed at Ascension Seton Dental Clinic or Ascension Seton Mobile Dental Clinic. 

Thanks to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Journal Foundation/Thomas and Yvonne McCollow Fund for its $10,000 gift for caregiver assistance at Ascension Wisconsin hospitals and clinics in the Milwaukee area. This support brings relief to caregivers on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic -- so they can help patients and the community recover from COVID-19.
Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Ozaukee ICU Nurse, Samuel Kinney, RNIt means support such as personal protection items to shield caregivers and their families from infection; fresh coffee and healthy, convenient meals or snacks delivered safely for those working long hours; and hospital comfort rooms or hotels for resting and recharging.



Thanks to the leadership and direction provided by Bernie Sherry, Senior Vice President, Ascension and Ministry Market Executive, Ascension Wisconsin; Reginald Newson, Vice President Government Relations & Community Services/Chief Advocacy Officer; Monica Hilt, Chief Operating Officer, Ascension Wisconsin, and Michael Gauger and Coree Van Thiel, the foundation grants team, the Department of Health Services will provide State Opioid Response funding to support buprenorphine treatment and recovery coach services for underserved patients at Ascension St. Joseph Hospital. The first signed agreement for $175,731 covers 2020-2021. The Department announced today it will provide an additional full year of funding, to September 2022, with details to follow. Read more about the Behavioral Health services in Milwaukee 

Thanks to the Morgan Stanley Foundation for renewing its partnership in the Ascension Smart Smiles program with a $2,000 grant. With this support, Smart Smiles -- Wisconsin’s largest school-based oral health program -- brings preventive and clinical care to Milwaukee-area youths in need. Thanks to donors, so far in 2020-21, Smart Smiles has delivered preventive care to 1,300 kids and follow-up care to 400 at Ascension Seton Mobile Dental Clinic and the brick-and-mortar Ascension Seton Dental Clinic. Foundation partners and individual donors provide care that keeps children in school, able to learn without tooth pain, and builds a healthy future. 

Thanks to Epic Systems for renewing its support of Ascension Wisconsin outreach efforts in Milwaukee with a $11,000 grant for Healthy Birth Initiatives and a $10,000 grant for Community Benefit programs. This support promotes healthy babies and healthy mothers through programs such as Blanket of Love Sanctuary. And it builds a healthy community for all, through initiatives that serve people in need, including Ascension Seton Dental Clinic and Ascension St. Ben’s Clinic for the homeless. To deliver respectful and effective healthcare to people in need, read more here...

Community Benefit Women and Family Baby

Thanks to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation A.W. Asmuth Family Fund for its $10,000 grant in renewed support of the Ascension Wisconsin Community Health Ministry program. With its steadfast support, the Asmuth Family Fund reaches into the community -- delivering important health education and care when and where they’re needed most. The grant enables nurses including Julia Means, RN, to bring effective and respectful care to the vulnerable, through programs such as Blanket of Love Sanctuary, Ascension Ebenezer Health Resource Center, Be of Good Heart, and the Urban Church Wellness Initiative.
“Instead of making the needy come to us, we come to them to empower them to take care of their health and share their knowledge to help others," Means says. 
Blanket of Love - Zakkiyya's Story
Read more here about the impact you make when you give to Ascension Wisconsin Foundation.

Ascension Wisconsin Announces Covid-19 Vaccination Plans for Vulnerable Communities. Ascension Wisconsin is reaching out to serve the most vulnerable in the community, and your support allows us to provide vaccines where they are most needed. Read about our 19 additional, newly organized community-based vaccination plans in the Milwaukee area.
Older adult female receives Vaccine“Our care teams have been fighting against COVID-19 for nearly a year and we have seen the devastating impact this virus has had in our minority and underserved communities,” said Nichole Gladney, Director of Community Outreach and Engagement. “As we continue to vaccinate our eligible patients and community members, we are excited to begin this next critical phase of vaccinations and look forward to the hard work ahead to offer as many vaccinations as possible, to as many people as possible...”  Read full article here   

Additional articles as this story develops:
3/11/21   WISN - community-health-center-gives-vaccines-in-area-that-was-covid-19-hot-zone


Thanks to donor support, Ascension St. Ben's Clinic has served homeless people for decades --  delivering much-needed primary healthcare to the most vulnerable among us. The clinic, in St. Anthony Place in downtown Milwaukee, is especially important now, as the homeless are at higher risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. St. Ben’s is vaccinating patients against COVID, starting with older patients, and has put new pandemic safety measures in place.


William P. Mullooly, MSSW, Social Worker at Ascension St. Ben’s Clinic, consults with a patient in the adjacent waiting room for safety.

(Pictured: William P. Mullooly, MSSW, Social Worker at Ascension St. Ben’s Clinic, consults with a patient in the adjacent waiting room for safety)

Read more here from our partners at Capuchin Community Services.



Thanks to the Northwestern Mutual Foundation for renewing its partnership in the Ascension Smart Smiles program and Ascension Seton Dental Clinic children's dentistry with a $25,000 grant for the 2021-2022 school year. The grant will deliver important preventive care and follow-up clinical care as needed to 1,600 children at Bruce-Guadalupe Community Schools and Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy. Smart Smiles cares for 12,000 schoolchildren in need yearly in the Milwaukee area and arranges for follow-up care at the brick-and-mortar Seton or Ascension Seton Mobile Dental Clinic.

Ascension Smart Smiles, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Milwaukee has been certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, affirming that it has the specialists and resources needed to care for all stroke patients, including those who suffer severe strokes. The Joint Commission certification shows that at the hospital, “patients and families have access to critical stroke care at the right time, close to home,” Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s President Kelly Elkins said.
Such access is important in treating strokes, a leading cause of disability and death.

Click here to see the full story on Fox 6 News. For more information about Ascension Stroke Centers, click here.

Comprehensive Stroke Center at CSM M Announcement 2/26/21  

Transition of leadership at statewide level for Ascension Wisconsin Philanthropy 
Lisa Froemming, Vice President for Philanthropy, Ascension Wisconsin, has decided to retire from her leadership role. (BizTimes, 2/25/21)

Lisa Froemming

Read more about Froemming’s accomplishments and announcement here.

Meet our new Executive Director of Ascension Wisconsin Foundation here.



Thanks to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for a $175,731 State Opioid Response grant to expand access to life-saving treatment for opioid use disorder among vulnerable patients at Ascension St. Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee. With the grant, a specially trained care team will treat patients with buprenorphine, a medication to stop opioid abuse, and recovery coaches -- peers who have themselves lived with substance abuse -- will navigate them to health. 
The recovery coaches provide important support for patients and connections to needed resources and services. Coaches have helped more than 600 patients at Ascension hospitals in Milwaukee since 2018. Thanks to the coaching, 9 in 10 patients avoid overdoses after their first meeting with a coach; 59% stop using opioids.
The grant-supported buprenorphine treatment and personal coaching will help prevent deaths from opioid abuse -- a crisis that has worsened in the COVID-19 pandemic. 
“This support will bring hope and recovery for people in need of opioid abuse treatment in the many neighborhoods we serve,” said Kelly Elkins, Regional President, Ascension Columbia St. Mary's/Ascension St. Joseph.

opioid pills

2/16/21: Thanks to the ROS Foundation for renewing its support of Ascension Healthy Birth Initiatives with a $50,000 grant. The support will promote healthy births, healthy babies, healthy mothers, and healthy families in Milwaukee, through programs such as Blanket of Love Sanctuary and prenatal oral healthcare at Ascension Seton Dental Clinic. Please read more about Healthy Births Initiatives such as Blanket of LoveYour support makes a difference.

baby crop


Donor-Funded Perinatal Conference

1/28/21: Catholic Health World publishes article about programs launched in Milwaukee to help reduce infant mortality and protect our most vulnerable

"...Milwaukee's first: The OB-ED is the first of its kind in Milwaukee and the latest of several initiatives that Ascension Wisconsin is undertaking to address the disproportionately high incidences of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality among minority populations, especially those who are Black..."

Julia Means, Blanket of Love, Greater Milwaukee, WI

In addition, the article gives a good background and update on the Blanket of Love program.

"...Safer care, better access: Just in Milwaukee, Ascension supports a program called Blanket of Love that works with expectant mothers from low-income areas of the city to promote good health practices for themselves and their infants before, during and after delivery. Julia Means, the founder of that program, sees the OB-ED as another way Ascension is backstopping a vulnerable population of women..."  Link to the article


1/27/21: Thanks to the Gustav and Gladys Kindt Foundation for renewing its support of Ascension St. Ben’s Clinic for the homeless with a $3,000 grant. With the grant, the clinic will deliver primary healthcare to the people who live on our streets and in shelters -- people who are especially vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic -- in 2021. Because of this support, the homeless do not have to go to stressed and crowded emergency rooms for basic care -- so the clinic contains the spread of the novel coronavirus and conserves hospital resources for patients with COVID-19 and other needs.

Ascension St. Ben's Clinic, Milwaukee, WI



1/2/21: Behavioral Health Services grow to cover more mental health needs in the Milwaukee area. We offer compassionate, personalized treatment programs to help adults and older adults with behavioral and mental health needs. Many addiction, behavioral services and mental health units in the Ozaukee and Milwaukee communities depend on your generous philanthropic support.


1/1/2021: Thanks to you and your generosity, the Ascension Wisconsin Foundation has been recognized by the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) as a top foundation in the country. This distinction represents high performers that reached the top 25% in net fundraising returns out of all participating community hospitals, raising more than $4.8 million in the U.S.  Check out full details at the AHP 2020 High Performers Webpage.

AHP 2020 HIGH Performer Community Hospital Recognition

12/22/20:  To honor their daughter, Greta, the Gintoft family donated more than 1,000 diapers, 60 + pack of wipes, swaddles, outfits and more baby supplies for families in our NICU. Watch their inspiring story on WISN 12 News Story Here. Thank you, Amanda, Ryan, William and Henry!

Ascension Columbia St Marys NICU Donation


12/1/20:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Ascension Seton Mobile Dental Clinic serves Outreach Community Health Center Clients 
Donor support of Ascension Seton Dental Clinic provides care to stop
tooth pain and disease that, if untreated, could be life-threatening. Because of your gifts, treatment is available now to the most vulnerable.

Ascension Seton Dental Outreach from Journal Sentinel Dec 1 2020

8/14/20: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Delta Dental supports Ascension Seton Dental Clinic
5/20/20: Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Milwaukee coverage of newly expanded Labor & Delivery:  Labor & Delivery Opens at Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Milwaukee



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