High-Risk Cancer Program - Betty's Story

They’re the words no one wants to hear:
“You have cancer.” 

With her family history of cancer – her father died of colon cancer, and her mother is a breast cancer survivor – Betty was aware that she was at high risk, and she never missed a yearly mammogram. 


So she was prepared, as much as one can be, for the news that she herself had breast cancer. 

If not for the state-of-the-art mammogram that she received at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Cancer Centers, Betty’s cancer might have gone undetected. 

For many others like Betty, the new Ascension Wisconsin High-Risk Screening and Early Detection Program will mean everything. 


Hours after the news of Betty’s diagnosis, a nurse navigator contacted Betty to set up her care conference. The conference brings the care team – nurse navigator, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgeon, radiologist, and others – together with the patient to develop a treatment plan and a road map to survivorship.


“I had a meeting for a second opinion all scheduled, but after my care conference, I canceled it. This was the team I wanted to take care of me,” Betty said.

Ascension Wisconsin is committed to reducing the burden of cancer on you, your family, and our community. 

With your support, we’re expanding our cancer program to reach people at high risk -- to prevent cancers, find and eliminate them earlier, and navigate patients on the journey from diagnosis to survival.


Please give now to support excellent cancer care throughout our community. 

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