Your investment in Cardiac Care allows us to provide the best care available.


Mike and the Lucas Cardiac Training Mannequin








Because of you, our emergency team is able to more effectively save lives. CPR is a necessary lifesaving measure during a cardiac arrest. The foundation-funded, new LUCAS device replaces manual to mechanical compressions, improving outcomes for patients. 

Charles, 58, had a history of heart disease and came into the Emergency Department with chest pain and shortness of breath. The emergency team called in the ED physicians, but Charles deteriorated quickly and required manual chest compressions.

Fortunately, the cardiac Cath lab team was able to use the LUCAS to deliver mechanical compressions to stabilize Charles.

Cardiac Patient Steven KillbergThis device delivers consistent, high-quality chest compressions, that improve patient outcomes. Charles was able to leave the hospital within a few days and recently enjoyed his granddaughter’s 4th birthday.

Your support of Cardiac Care ensures that patients benefit from the most effective and high-quality treatment options available. 


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