Foundation Board Members
2020-2021 Board of Directors
St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation is grateful to its board of directors for guiding and supporting the foundation's mission. 

Current Board Members


Jim Spierings, Chairperson
Cookie Fielkow, Vice Chair
Nancy J. Streck,Treasurer
Matthew Zimmerman, Secretary
Chad Hershner, Director of Philanthropy

Michelle Bauer
Nicole Brady, MD
John Bykowski
Sarah Campbell, MD
Vanessa Cebulski
Stacie Dobbe
Todd Healy
Mike Kessenich
Lyssa King
Lisa Kogan-Praska 
Maria Myers
Peter Pankratz
Albert Schmidt

The foundation is deeply grateful to these dedicated individuals for donating their time and vision, ensuring St. Elizabeth Hospital receives community support to further its mission.

Former Board Chairs: St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation is deeply grateful to these individuals for guiding the foundation's mission throughout our history.


Bill Fieweger, founding chairman, 1976-1982

Dick Jones, 1982-1985

John Rankin, 1985-1989

Rick Stack, Jr., 1989-1992

Steve Evans, 1992-1993

Jack L. Fischer, 1993-1995

Stan Baehman, 1995-1997

John Russo, 1997-2000

Bob Dusenberry, 2000-2002

Mary Beth Fowler, 2002-2005

Ralph O. Kennedy II, 2005-2008

Paul J. Hoffman, 2008-2010

Brian R. Wallace 2010-2012

Debra Michiels 2012-2014

Patrick F. Koenen 2014-2016
Terri M. Trantow 2014-2019

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