Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital and Ascension Calumet Hospital deliver the care that our community needs most of all, right now, during this COVID-19 emergency. 
Our front-line caregivers are working day and night, to help people who have the coronavirus and keep the community safe.

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Dear Caregivers,

"Sending a huge THANK YOU to all the healthcare workers on the front line who are risking their health caring for patients. We can't truly understand what it is like for you or your families, but we are so blessed to have each and every one of you give so freely of yourselves. You are all true hero's and we couldn't do this without all of you!! Please know that your service and commitment does not go unnoticed."
- Blessings - Nette K. Ascension Behavioral Health (11/23/20)

"Thank you to all the doctors and caregivers for providing excellent care and compassion to our patients during this time. We are so thankful for all you do! May God bless and strengthen you as you continue to live out our mission!"

- Carol Opgenorth, Vice President of Operations, AMG (11/12/20)

"Thank you so much to all the frontline workers for taking care of so many patients with the compassion and loving care that you give every day to everyone. You are appreciated by so many. God Bless you and your family during this difficult time."

- Cathy (11/5/20)

"I want to thank all of of your for your continual sacrifice in taking care of your community during this Covid-19 crisis. You are appreciated more than you could ever know. Stay strong, be safe, and God bless you all!"

- Pam Langreck (10/26/20)

"I could write volumes on the dedication and compassion of all our health care providers. But, in the end it comes down to six words. THANK YOU, MAY GOD BLESS YOU." 
- James A. Cotter, Sr, aka, Jim or Jimbo (10/19/20)

"To all my fellow colleagues at Ascension, thanks for all you have done, are doing and will do during this challenging time in healthcare history! Our community is better because of you!"
- Nikki Brady, SEH Foundation Board Member (10/18/20)

"I am grateful for your dedication during these trying times..All of you are to be admired for putting yourselves & family members in harms way."
- Roxann Miller (10/16/20)

"As a patient in the COVID unit for a week I can not say thank you enough all the workers. Everyone was upbeat when they were worked to the bone. St. Elizabeth has done a great job hiring the best."
- Audrey Driessen (retired nurse) (10/16/20)

"Here's a shout out to all of you who have been working long hours and still delivering great care. A special shout out to Heather Schimmers and Jessica Lietzan--two friends who I know go above and beyond!"
- Mary K. Schmidt (10/16/20)

"Thank you to all of my former colleagues in the Fremont Tower, and throughout Ascension, for all of your hard work and dedication to our patients during this truly challenging time. Your strength and resilience is admirable, and I am grateful for each and every one of you."
- Mara Veltus, APNP St. Elizabeth Hospital (10/16/20)

"Thank you for your dedication and devotion to our patients. My prayers are to my Fox Valley Ascension HCWs."
- Brenda Ehlert (10/16/20)

"In times of darkness and grief be the light....our caregivers are the light, guiding the way. Find the ways to keep your internal light lit, self-care is extremely important now more than ever, find your healing outlet!! Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, team work and overall compassion for our communities. Thank you!!!!"
- Rachel Janzen Manager of Critical Care and Respiratory Care (10/15/20)

"I want you - the caregivers at St. Elizabeth Hospital - to know that you're on my mind every day. I am concerned for your physical and emotional well-being during these unprecedented times. You are seeing things, and making decisions, that you have never experienced before in your careers. I hope you feel seen, and know that your community loves and appreciates your sacrifice!"
- Alyssa Schommer, Manager of Performance Improvement (10/15/20)

"Words can’t describe how thankful I am for your dedication to the health and safety of our community! You are angels and are so loved and appreciated!"- Vanessa Cebulski (10/14/20)

"We love living in this community for so many reasons but this year, watching your tireless commitment and dedication has topped the list. Thank you for serving so selflessly." - Lyssa King - Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Board Member (10/14/20)

"Our community cannot thank you enough for your commitment and compassion. You put the needs of others above your own to provide care and comfort to those that you need you most. Thank you for all you do, every day. And thank you for your big, beautiful hearts! "
- Lisa Kogan-Praska (10/14/20)

"Just a thank you to tell you all how amazing you all are. There is not one unnecessary person. Bless you all." - Wendy (10/13/20)

"To all the St. Elizabeth Hospital caregivers - Thank you for all you do! Knowing that you are doing all you can gives me hope that we will get through this pandemic. You are awesome!"
-Michelle Bauer (10/13/20)

"Wanted to take a moment to thank all of the caregivers at Ascension St. Elizabeth. You give the best care with integrity and compassion to all who walk in the door. We are blessed to have you all in our community. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe."
- Jim Spierings (10/13/20)

"To all St. Elizabeth Hospital Caregivers- My life's journey took a turn in August where I was a patient in the hospital in August having surgery and staying in hospital for a week then following up with other departments in September and beyond. It is incredibly impressive how everyone I came into contact with on the hospital floor went about their business of caring for patients mid-pandemic with great compassion and detail. It is good to know that this type of care is there for me and anyone else when health concerns abound for caregivers and patients alike. You should be proud of your professionalism and empathy as you go through your work lives!"
- Gratefully, Pete P (10/12/20)

"So much of the goodness we all need to know still exists is your hard work and efforts to help others through this virus. Stand tall and be strong - many are very proud of you." - Debbie B (10/12/20) 

"You do know that so many people need your help and expertise at this time. Heartfelt thanks for being there and putting your best foot forward, while risking your own health. Without you, so many will lose their battle. We are so proud of you and the work you have done and continue to do. God’s blessings to you and those you love." 

- With great appreciation, Shirley Schmidt (10/12/20)

"Thank you so much for everything you do!
The courage and dedication you are showing is seen and admired by so many of us.
Know many are doing what we can to help in every way we can.
Continue knowing you are supported and appreciated in ways words can’t express." 
- Christopher Betow (10/12/20)

"So grateful to each and every individual for all of your tireless dedication and commitment to helping our community.
Your compassion and resilience are inspiring." - Chad Hershner, Director of Philanthropy, St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation  (10/12/20)

"Thank you for all your sacrifices and hard work over these troubling months.
I am so grateful for all our healthcare workers and the dedication you bring to helping others."
 HLC (10/8/20)


Watch the Video for Ascension Caregivers from Joseph R. Impicciche, JD, MHA
President and Chief Executive Officer (10/8/20)

If you would like to send support to our caregivers, you can do so right heredonate

Your support will immediately help caregivers with personal protection items to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from contamination;
bring some much-needed relief to front-line staff and provide financial assistance for their families suffering hardship during this difficult time.

Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation supports the hospitals and clinics in the Fox Valley and Calumet communities. 
Your gift to the Foundation directly impacts the health and well being of those closest to you.
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Director of Philanthropy
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