Doctors Day 2023

At Ascension Via Christi, we are fortunate to work with more than 1,250 of the region’s best physicians who give first class medical care. 

On Doctors' Day, March 30, a special pin and certificate were given to recognized doctors. Thank you to all the donors for partnering with Via Christi Foundation to honor local doctors for their service and commitment to the health of our community. These important gifts will help patients in need through the Patient Assistance Fund.

All Doctors honored this year by their patients are:

Abu-Awwad, Raid (MD)
Ashby, Samuel (DO)
Barclay, Bruce (MD)
Cabrera Salinas, Rafael (MD)
Digges, Edward (MD)
Elkharbotly, Ali (MD)
Focken, Rosalie (MD)
Garner, Steven (MD)
Gibson, Nadia (MD)
Goodwin, Adam (DO)
Grimes, Michael (MD)
Grizzell, Brett (MD)
Hane, Scott (MD)
Hesse, James (MD)
Hesse, Kurt (MD)
Hoppock, Kevin (MD)
Johnson, Brian (MD)
Kahnert, Yu Hong (APRN)
Keith, Rex (MD)
Liu, Lei (MD)
Margolis, David (MD)
Mattar, Bassami (MD)
McCarthy, Dan (DO)
McCaty, Andrea (DO)
Moufarrij, Nazih (MD)
Nibert, Carol (MD)
Nilhas, Aaron (MD)
Outwater, Deborah (MD)
Phillips, Dennis (MD)
Porter, Andrew (DO)
Regehr, Randall (MD)
Resch, Thomas (MD)
Rodriguez, Shaunra (DO)
Saad, Andre (MD)
Shah, Mukhtar (MD)
Sharma, Richa (MD)
Timler, David (MD)
Truong, Quoc (MD)
Vincent, Kyle (MD)
Vivar Cruz, Pedro (MD)
Walton, Terri (MD)
Wilson, Michael (MD)
Windholz, Art (MD)
Wong, Huge (MD)

Make a tribute to your doctor for 2023 Doctor's Day by making a donation to the Patient Assistance Fund. Scroll to the bottom to donate!