February 2023

Your Dollars At Work

Presented by Ascension Providence Rochester Foundation, Ascension Providence Foundation and Ascension St. John Foundation

The six-week hospital stay…that never happened!

Because of your generosity, a patient who did not have health insurance or transportation for follow-up care was able to avoid a six-week hospital stay.

Gifts to the Help Fund at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital were used to cover this patient’s IV antibiotic medicine for a potentially deadly infection while Ascension at Home provided her with home healthcare services.

Without your gifts, this patient could have died from her deadly infection. She did not realize the seriousness of her condition and was going to avoid treatment. You also made a difference for her disabled husband who depends on her to care for him at home.

Unfortunately, Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital is seeing more patients without health insurance. That is why your donation to the Help Fund is so vital to the poor and vulnerable in our community.

Thank you for your gift that supports patients in need!

Behavioral health patients benefit from virtual care!

Your donations to the Telemedicine Fund at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery have made a significant difference for behavioral health patients – thank you!

Gifts received were used to purchase advanced technology for virtual care (telehealth). The new technology was installed in a room converted to a private, safe space. This updated room is now being used by patients and therapists for virtual appointments and music therapy.

Providing music therapy virtually can assist patients in identifying emotions through non-verbal expression in a safe setting, which can lead to improved communication with others. Music therapy has several benefits for behavioral health patients, including:

  • Helping individuals develop useful coping strategies

  • Encouraging positive emotional behavior

  • Helping patients to better tolerate frustration

  • Improving interpersonal relationships

  • Increasing self awareness, self-esteem and self-image

Our patients have told us that they love the therapy and wish they had more of it. They appreciate the new room with advanced technology and are thankful to those who helped make it happen!


Heart failure clinic patients receive low-sodium cookbooks

Your gifts made it possible for 500 heart failure clinic patients to receive a low-sodium cookbook – thank you!

Your donations to the Donald & Eleanor Strand Cardiology Services Endowment at Ascension St. John Hospital made the cookbook purchases possible. Patients who are better able to follow a low-sodium diet have experienced an overall improvement in their health. To date, more than 75 patients have received a cookbook!

Providing heart patients with cookbooks helps encourage them to eat a healthier diet. The patients have more resources to manage their heart failure, gaining tools that may be helpful to take control of their disease and improve their quality of life.

Many patients have told us that they are using their new cookbook. They really appreciate that each recipe contains not only the amount of sodium in each meal, but also the calories and other nutritional information. Several patients were surprised we were giving them a free cookbook, and they were very grateful, expressing that they will put them to good use. This was made possible by you!

The gesture of giving the free cookbooks to patients helps show them the importance of following a low-sodium diet when managing their heart failure.