How Your Gift Helps

Did you know it would take $100,000 in hospital revenue to generate the same income as a $1,000 donation?

That means every gift matters and makes the difference in saving lives and promoting wellness throughout our community!

Your Gift Makes The Difference. Here Are Just A Few Examples Of How Your Gift Helps:

A $1,000 Gift Provides:

  • Prescriptions or equipment, like wheelchairs or oxygen, for patients who could not otherwise afford to continue their recovery at home.

A $5,000 Gift Provides:

  • Books and resources to help 350 patients fight breast cancer, both emotionally and physically.
  • A blanket warmer for patients sensitive to temperature, like our pediatric and senior patients or those recovering from surgery.

A $10,000 Gift Provides:

  • New parent gifts of infant swaddles for each baby born at Ascension Crittenton in a calendar year, proven to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Equipment for ten emergency medical vehicles to transmit critical information for heart patients, allowing life-saving surgery to begin as soon as they arrive at Ascension Crittenton.

A $50,000 Gift Provides:

  • One patient room with smart technology, family accommodations and infrastructure to care for additional patients in the event of a crisis situation.

Help ensure the best patient care
for our community now, and for
the future.