Jerome F. Williams Shootout For The Cure

The Jerome F. Williams Gastric Cancer Program was founded by Anne Marie Williams in memory of her beloved husband, Jerry. This multidisciplinary, patient-centered program was created
to ensure that patients with gastrointestinal cancer have access to the best quality cancer care.

Anne Marie knew of Jerry’s desire to help others. During his course of treatment for gastric cancer, Jerry
sought out patients like himself. He openly shared the trials and tribulations of his journey. Jerry realized that he was not alone in his battle with gastric cancer and in the process identified gaps that existed in gastric cancer care.

During Jerry’s hospitalization, he began researching ideas for a gastric cancer program. He envisioned and outlined a program that would bridge the gaps in care, enhance quality of care, improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction for future patients with gastrointestinal cancers including:

  • Stomach - “gastric cancer”
  • Esophagus - “esophageal cancer”
  • Pancreas - “pancreatic cancer”
  • Liver - “hepatocellular carcinoma”
  • Gallbladder / Bile Duct - “cholangiocarcinoma”
  • Cancer that has spread to the liver from other organs - “liver metastasis”

His journey strengthened his faith, hope and love for his family and friends, and instilled a deep passion to help others that face the same journey. Jerry shared his hopes and concerns regarding gastric cancer care with his surgical oncologist, Richard Berri, MD. With the assistance of Dr. Berri and Anne Marie Williams, the program Jerry envisioned has become a reality in the Jerome F. Williams Gastric Cancer Program. This program is Jerry’s legacy.

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