New Orthopedic Advancement Fund Created by Tarek Taha, MD

Ascension St. Mary's Foundation is pleased to announce a new fund to support the advancement of orthopedic training/education and patient care.  It was the vision of Tarek Taha, MD, to honor the compassionate care and incredible dedication of the orthopedic healthcare team at Ascension St. Mary's.  

“I created the Advancement Orthopedic Fund to enhance orthopedic patient centered care,” stated Dr. Taha. “As we move into the future, we always strive to provide cutting edge services. To accomplish this, we need to make sure that our nurses and techs are well equipped to fulfill their roles, so the fund aims to provide them with educational services which allow them to do so.”  

 As the fund continues to grow, funds will support Ascension St. Mary's orthopedic program, equipment and services. The fund will support certification and quality control programs, as well as purchase needed tools and equipment which enhance the ways Ascension St. Mary’s delivers care.

How Can You Support?

At Ascension St. Mary’s, quality care and compassion go hand in hand.  Patients often express their gratitude for the life-saving care received in a variety of ways – through kind words, smiles, letters of thanks and financial gifts to Ascension St. Mary’s Foundation. Perhaps you are grateful to an Ascension St. Mary’s Orthopedic physician or care team who went the extra mile.  There is a special way to thank your caregivers. You may recognize your healthcare team with a charitable donation to the Ascension Orthopedic Advancement Fund. 
“Contributions to the fund will be used to ensure that when you come to St. Mary’s, you can rest assured that every provider caring for you has been through the rigorous requirements to provide nationally certified care, along with cutting edge technology. We want you to get the best orthopedic care close to home.”

Thank you Dr. Taha for your philanthropic support and vision for the new Orthopedic Advancement Fund at Ascension St. Mary’s Foundation.
The group photo was taken in 2019, prior to the pandemic.

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