Support the Ascension St. Mary's Foundation Eye Care Fund

Nearly one in four children need corrective eyewear. The need skyrockets in economically challenged communities, where 30-50 percent of children go without necessary professional eye care services. The implications of this are tremendous. If a child can’t see, he can’t read.

If he can’t read, he can’t learn. If he can’t learn, he faces life-long challenges.
You can transform lives by giving the gift of sight.

Your donation to the Ascension St. Mary’s Foundation Dr. Farhad Shokoohi Eye Care Fund, through the “I Care” campaign, will help provide free eye care exams, frames, and lenses to those who need them. With your help, our goal is to ensure that no one is needlessly left without their sight.

The purpose of the Eye Care Fund is to provide eye care services to Saginaw County residents who are not covered by vision insurance. Children are priority; however, adults who meet the criteria are also eligible.

Won’t you please consider making a difference in the lives of those around you?  

Please send your donation to Ascension St. Mary’s Foundation, 800 S. Washington Avenue, Saginaw, MI 48601, or to make an online donation, please click the link below.

 If you would like additional information about the Ascension St. Mary’s Foundation Eye Care Fund, please contact the Foundation office at 989-907-8300. 

Help inspired hope by helping to
provide the best care to you, your
family, friends and neighbors.