Leave a Legacy

Include Ascension St. Mary's Foundation In Your Will Or Estate Plans

Your Will Is Your Legacy

More than half of all Americans don’t have a will, and the reasons are certainly understandable. Some people are uncomfortable thinking about their mortality and planning around it. Many people think they have plenty of time with a whole life ahead of them.

A will is more than just a technical document dealt with by lawyers and judges. Your will is the statement of the legacy you want to leave—how you want to be remembered, what you valued in life and what you want cared for after you’ve passed. 

Wills aren’t just for the wealthy or the elderly. Every person, every family, should have a will created to ensure that:

  • Your minor children or dependent adults have the guardian of your choice
  • Your assets are distributed as you desire to your heirs and loved ones
  • Your pets are taken care of
  • You don’t waste assets on administrative costs or expenses
  • The causes and organizations you have a passion for will be supported at no cost to you during your life

Giving Through A Will

Creating a will with your family or estate planning attorney can be surprisingly easy, and it’s even easier to include a charitable gift in your will after you’ve provided for your lived ones. Your attorney can include some basic instructions when writing a new will (or add instructions in an amendment (a codicil) to an existing will).

It’s surprisingly easy to make a gift to the Ascension St. Mary's Foundation through a will or estate plan. The following is some basic language that you can use in your will:

  • “I give the sum of $____ to the Ascension St. Mary's Foundation located in Saginaw, Michigan.”
  • “I give all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to the Ascension St. Mary's Foundation located in Saginaw, Michigan.
  • “I give, devise and bequeath ____% of my estate to the Ascension St. Mary's Foundation located in Saginaw, Michigan.

For more information about making a gift that costs you nothing today but leaves a legacy forever, or to let us know of the gift you have pledged already, contact:

Karen Stiffler
Chief Development Officer
989-907-9300 or (m) 989-600-1094

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