Annual Friends of Lourdes Fund

Annual Friends of Lourdes Fund

This year’s Annual Friends of Lourdes Fund is dedicated to raising much needed funds in support of Lourdes Hospital and its mission of providing compassionate, loving healthcare in the holy tradition of St. Vincent de Paul and the Daughters of Charity to all who come to us for medical care.

Your generosity assists countless individuals in need of assistance.

Our Lourdes 3-D Hologic Mammography Upgrade, Oral Health Initiative, Sock Out Cancer and Hospice are just a few of the areas in which your support really makes a difference in people’s lives.

This year, Lourdes has upgraded all of its mammography machines from the old 2-Dimension, to state of the art 3-Dimensional Mammography units. Cancer, specifically breast cancer is a frightening diagnosis in anyone's life; however it is not hopeless. These new machines allow for earlier detection of breast cancer regardless of age or breast density with clearer lesion images (detecting 20%-65% more invasive breast cancers). These machines are a large step in Lourdes' efforts to combat breast cancer.

Last year we acquired a new Oral Health Mobile Van which will continue our work in providing and serving those in need of urgent dental care, especially children.  This will truly bring many smiles to those children who need this vital service!

Sock Out Cancer assists patients and their families who are struggling with cancer.  Through these funds multiple individuals are assisted in attaining the basic necessities of life such as help in paying their bills, their rent, medications or transport to and from medical appointments.

Our Hospice Program continues its comforting work of assisting patients and their families at this time in their lives.  The care that is imparted is greatly appreciated by everyone involved.



May God Bless your generosity!

Your support of The Friends of Lourdes Fund has helped our patients in the following ways:

An Emergency phone call was received from a Lourdes at Home nurse requesting assistance for a patient that only had one dose of a critical medication left, and the patient did not have the funds to meet the insurance deductible. The patient had been out of work for some time due to recurring health issues. The Foundation was able to assist this patient with a one-time grant by paying his deductible for the medication.

Lourdes Hospital Foundation was pleased to offer assistance to an Oncology patient receiving medical treatments who could not afford Cobra insurance coverage. A one-time grant contribution to assist with this Cobra coverage not only kept the insurance current but also eased the burden of this patient’s situation and daily living so that the patient could concentrate on healing.

A local family’s request for assistance was answered when we learned that they were cooking from a stove (which was in the flood) that had only one small burner functioning and they were cooking for a family of five. Not only was this difficult for the family but also a fire hazard knowing the other burners were not working. The family had very limited income due to being out of work. The Foundation provided funding for the family to acquire a new stove. 

Please help us to continue our mission of assisting those in need by supporting the Annual Friends of Lourdes Fund.

For information about ways to support the Annual Friends of Lourdes Fund, please contact the Lourdes Foundation Office at 607-798-5684. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Your gift can shape our future.

Your support of The Friends of Lourdes Fund has helped our patients in many ways. For additional information, please call the Lourdes Foundation office at 607 798 5684.