Our Accomplishments

Our Accomplishments

As a result of your generosity and support the Lourdes Foundation is able to raise much needed funds for various initiatives. Your support really makes a difference! THANK YOU! Over the last several years the impact of your support has been significant, especially in the following areas:

Lourdes Cancer Care Initiative

In the fall of 2014, the Lourdes Hospital Foundation Board agreed to fund the Lourdes Cancer Care Initiative project as set forth by the Hospital. This endeavor will greatly enhance cancer care, early detection and treatment for our patients and the people whom we serve. Unfortunately, cancer claims the lives of many all too often in our community, but with this initiative, Lourdes will strive for better outcomes and earlier detection which in turn will lead to earlier treatment and lives being saved.

To learn more about the Cancer Care Initiative or to assist Lourdes Foundation in this endeavor, please contact the Lourdes Hospital Foundation at 607-798-5684.

Lourdes Oral Health Care—Board Member Miles Ondecko Underwrites Much Needed Expansion Project!

Dental Services
219 Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13905
Phone: 607-584-4545

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Dental Care for Children and Their Families

The Lourdes Centre for Oral Health was established in 2005 in response to a demonstrated community need. The Clinic has served primarily children and youth for the past nine years and has expanded to include a school based program and Dental Van that serves rural communities. It has now been decided to expand upon this great work and thus to accept adults who lack access to dental care because they are uninsured or under-insured, or have Medicaid as a source of payment and cannot find a dentist that will accept it. Lourdes plan is to double the capacity of these services through renovation of existing space that has been occupied by the counselors for the PACT Program. A business plan has been completed for this project and proposed renovations will cost $500,000. Lourdes Hospital Foundation Board Member, Miles Ondecko, has committed to generously underwrite the total cost of $500,000 to move forward with these renovations. Because of the generosity of Miles, the Lourdes Oral Health Program will be able to serve an even larger population of those in need. Thank you Miles! 

For more information on the Lourdes Oral Health Center or to make an appointment, please call 607-584-4545.

The Mercy House—Lourdes Foundation Makes a Major Commitment Towards This Project!

The Lourdes Foundation is indeed honored and privileged to support this endeavor of establishing a home to provide 24-hour care to people with a terminal illness, as an alternative to hospital, nursing home or at-home care, to restore peace and dignity to their final days. Mercy House will be located at 212 N. McKinley Avenue in Endicott, the former St. Casmir’s Church building. Mercy House will accept all persons regardless of age, race, faith or gender and is a non-profit organization, relying on the support of donations, grants, and fund-raising activities. 

The Foundation Board approved an additional donation of $50,000 which was disbursed in October 2016.

da Vinci® Robot

In 2009 the da Vinci Robot was acquired by Lourdes through the generosity of the Lourdes Foundation, This 21st century robotic technology will greatly assist Lourdes in providing surgical procedures that are less invasive, less painful, and that offer patients a faster recovery time.

Hope Dispensary

In August 2009, the Hope Dispensary of the Southern Tier opened in Binghamton. This center provides free prescription drugs for low-income individuals and patients in the Tri-City area. The Foundation supports the operation of the Hope Dispensary by subsidizing the cost of the rent for the center.

For more information about the Hope Dispensary and qualification guidelines, call 607-584-9376 or visit the Hope Dispensary page of our Website.

Human Interest

The Geller Oncology Fund was able to assist a family in need with food and school supplies for their two children when learning both parents were diagnosed and are being treated for cancer and are unable to work.  Because of the continued generosity from you, we were able to assist this family with some of their needs.

The Hospice Fund assists many individuals and families experiencing emotional and financial hardships. A Hospice patient with cancer had been without hot water for over 6 months.  The patient and daughter were in need of a hot water tank but could not afford one.  Through the Hospice Fund we were able to assist this family with the purchase of a new water heater and their friend was willing to install it. Having one less burden makes it easier for this patient to concentrate on recovery.

The Linus Brennan Memorial Fund assists families who experience the loss of a child with burial fees and funeral costs.  Recently, we had a stillborn birth at Lourdes Hospital and the family was unable to pay for the burial of their child.  Because of this new fund, we were able to assist this family with this hardship.

A patient with severe COPD, facing many financial hardships with limited funds found it very difficult to breathe during this humid, hot summer with many recurring visits to the hospital.  Thanks to The Anderson Fund we were able to purchase an air-conditioner for this patient which improved the patient’s breathing issues and reduced the number of visits to the hospital.


We continue to support the Hospice East & West programs by processing all memorial donations and managing these funds. Read more about Hospice at Lourdes.

In addition, the Foundation underwrites rent and utilities at Hospice of Tioga. This sacred mission gives us, and you, the opportunity to support Lourdes Hospital in a nurturing and gracious way. We invite you to join us in this venture by donating or make a contribution gift online.

Your gift can shape our future.

Your support of The Friends of Lourdes Fund has helped our patients in many ways. For additional information, please call the Lourdes Foundation office at 607 798 5684.