Caregiver Support - Judy's Story

Judy, a nurse at Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital in Milwaukee, has been treating patients with Covid-19 for a year now, since March, 2020.
Back in June, working long hours, she and her family continued to make major adjustments to accommodate her additional shifts and time away from home, and more importantly, her physical exhaustion and and emotional fatigue.

Thankfully, you were there for her.

Because of donors like you, she was able to receive $1,000 to cover some new expenses she incurred, and help she desperately needed.

This literally made my day and made me cry. I have been struggling to feed my children during this time, especially since my income disqualified me from assistance! . . . Thank you from my heart.” 

Read more about what caregivers are facing at this time.

Ascension employs over 20,000 associates in the state of Wisconsin. Thank you for thinking of them as Covid-19 wears on, and they continue to fight the disease. 

Please give now to support our caregivers. 

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