Community Benefit Programs - Susan's Story

Susan needed respectful and effective care -- the kind of care that many of us can take for granted. It’s the kind of care that we gave her, thanks to your support, at Ascension St. Ben’s Clinic for the homeless.

A guest at the Cathedral Center, Susan is grateful for our new telemedicine program, which allowed her to consult virtually with a clinic caregiver. 

The caregiver got a prescription for an antibiotic for Susan, who had a diseased tooth and swollen face. Also, the caregiver helped her schedule an appointment at Ascension Seton Dental Clinic after the infection subsided and the tooth could be pulled safely. 

We arranged a Lyft ride for Susan to Seton, where a dentist pulled the tooth. Then we scheduled her with St. Ben’s for follow-up consultation for her overall health needs, and with Seton for follow-up dental care to restore her oral health.


Please give now to support excellent care for our community. 

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