Blanket of Love - Zakkiyya's Story


Blanket of Love - Zakkiyya's Story

Zakkiyya Salahadyn, 39, signed up for the Blanket of Love program at St. Joseph when she was four months’ pregnant with her ninth child. 

Zakkiyya says she had a history of mental health issues and addiction. When she found out about Blanket, she was living in an in-patient treatment facility for pregnant women with substance abuse disorders.

Zakkiyya attended weekly Blanket sessions and, working with our staff, enrolled in Prenatal Care Coordination (in which specially trained social workers provide intensive case management to women at high risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes). We found that she was eligible to begin outpatient treatment for her addiction and apply for housing assistance.

With your help, Zakkiyya got an apartment, entered outpatient addiction treatment, delivered a healthy baby girl, and found employment. Now working two jobs, and taking college classes to become a social worker, she has stayed in contact with the Blanket of Love program to receive support for her and her family.

"I really feel very strongly that I am in a very good place because of Blanket of Love," Zakkiyya says.

Please give now to Women and Family Health to keep mothers healthy and help at-risk babies celebrate their first birthdays. 

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