Community Benefit Programs

Ascension Wisconsin has been called to care for southeast Wisconsin.

The southeast Wisconsin area has been called the greatest health disparity in the state—for more than 170 years. Many residents of this community face barriers to healthcare access stemming from poverty.

But thanks to your support, Ascension Wisconsin sponsors a comprehensive Community Benefit Program—including health outreach, education, and services—to bring effective and respectful care to vulnerable people who would not receive it otherwise.  

Ascension Ebenezer Health Resource Center

At Ebenezer Church of God in Christ on Milwaukee's north side, Ascension Ebenezer Health Resource Center provides access to the city’s only diabetic-friendly food pantry, health and wellness screenings, preventive services and support from Ascension Wisconsin nurses and community health workers.

The diabetic-friendly food pantry remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic—extending its hours to serve people most in need—people with diabetes and other chronic diseases, and high-risk moms, infants, and seniors.

With donor support, 1,800 people received health education, primary care referrals, and links to resources in 2020 at the Center. That same year, 6,000 people received food from the pantry.

With the need for the Center and the pantry great and growing, your support is critical.

Ascension Wisconsin's Community Health Ministry

The nurses find people with serious, unaddressed health issues who lack access to traditional healthcare. The nurses ease their fears, establish trust—and bring them important health education, screening, counseling, and advocacy in familiar and convenient community areas.  

The nurses serve programs including the Ascension Ebenezer Health Resource Center, Blanket of Love Sanctuary, Urban Church Wellness Initiative, and community chronic disease screening and management.  

Donors deliver the right kind of care, in the right place, at the right time, to people who need it through our Community Health Ministry program. 

Blanket of Love

Infant mortality, the death of babies before their first birthdays, remains the most tragic health disparity of all in Milwaukee. But with your support, our Blanket of Love Sanctuary program wraps women in a blanket of support -- group prenatal and parenting education, links to healthcare, and connections to other resources that are important for moms and babies. 

Churches in the program are Sanctuaries where women can attend support groups and get connections to resources such as food, housing, and employment.

At our St. Joseph, St. Francis, and Columbia St. Mary’s hospitals, the program offers support groups, links to resources, and services such as prenatal and primary care. 

In the 16 years that we have sponsored Blanket initiatives, women have given birth to 450 babies—all of whom celebrated their first birthdays, thanks to you.

Ascension St. Ben’s Clinic and Ascension Angel of Hope Clinic

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