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Making a comeback with fitness.

After a stroke left him with minimal use on his right side, raking leaves or walking outdoors was something Mark didn’t know if he would ever do again. Putting on his socks and placing items in his medicine cabinet seemed near impossible.  Imagine life without these very basic functions. Thanks to Ascension Mercy Hospital’s Fitness for the Physically Challenged program, Mark is able do all this and more.

The Fitness for the Physically Challenged program has been free of charge to the Oshkosh community for 25 years. This program offers a special level of supervision for those people who would not be able to exercise in a community type fitness facility. Direct supervision gives them the instruction in areas of safe strengthening, allowing them the freedom to maintain mobility and independence in their daily lives. Fitness education is offered and individual assistance is provided to each new member during orientation and periodically as requested per person.

Free of charge, participation in this program is open to anyone in our community with a permanent physical disability or multiple medical problems that inhibit them from safely working out at a community gym. On any given day 16-25 community members attend, with a yearly total for the past year of over 2000 visits.

Funded solely by philanthropy, Fitness for the Physically Challenged is a wonderful example of how Mercy Foundation donors invest in the compassionate care provided by our Mercy Hospital health care providers.

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