Harry L’s Story

Harry L gives power to patients in the Cancer Center 

Staying connected.

For Harry L., the Wachtel Cancer Center is family. Harry will tell you that family comes in all shapes in sizes. For him, the Michael D. Wachtel Cancer Center, where he has undergone treatment for cancer, is part of his family.
Last year, shortly after finishing treatment, Harry read the article about the opening of The Oasis. He was so moved that he made the decision to support the Cancer Center with an annual gift. This year, when he learned of the need for a charging station which would allow patients undergoing lengthy treatment during the day to extend the use of their devices and stay connected with family and friends, Harry immediately decided to have his donation directed toward the purchase of the station.

Supporting the needs of cancer patients is not new to Harry. As a teenager, he was involved in raising funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to end childhood cancer. Later, in his role as Santa Claus in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Harry helped collect donations for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin’s MAAC fund and he encouraged other organizations to join him by supporting the cause to beat childhood cancer.

Harry knows first hands the challenges faced by those who battle cancer. With the care, support and treatment he received from the Wachtel Cancer Center, Harry beat cancer. In turn, he’s giving back to “his family”.

Thanks to Harry's thoughtful gift and ongoing support, the Wachtel Cancer Center family can provide more comfort and care.

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