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Kids Together Against Cancer

Who We Are

Kids Together Against Cancer (KTAC) is now being offered through the partnership between Mayo Clinic Cancer Center located at St. Vincent's Riverside & St. Vincent’s Healthcare, which is bringing specialized cancer care to more individuals in our community. What Mayo Clinic & St. Vincent’s understands is that the cancer journey not only impacts the individual, but also his or her family & community.

KTAC’s vision is to offer a unique family support program that is open to the entire Jacksonville cancer community, regardless of where the individual is seeking treatment. The vision of KTAC aligns with the mission of St. Vincent’s Healthcare in particular, as it brings compassion and psychosocial healing to one of Jesus’ most beloved & vulnerable groups – that is, our children.

KTAC’s mission is clear: to educate & empower families to talk openly about a parent or caregiver’s cancer diagnosis in a manner that encourages resilience, hope & bravery in children.  St. Vincent’s Healthcare is a Catholic health ministry, and we welcome all families and traditions that support one’s path toward hope & healing.

KTAC is a free support program, funded by St. Vincent’s Healthcare Foundation, & led by licensed clinical social workers. It is open to families who have a parent and/or caregiver undergoing active cancer treatment. KTAC offers CLIMB ® workshops, outreach meetings during the school year, & one-on-one support.

Support Kids Together Against Cancer

KTAC is funded through grants and donations.  Consider making a donation to KTAC today.