Associate Giving Campaign

Each year, the Associate Giving campaign provides Ascension Providence Rochester associates the opportunity to give back to our patients, families, community, and fellow associates, with grants that align with our Mission and Values. 

Please support the Associate Giving Campaign this year. Giving is voluntary and confidential, and all gifts make an impact, no matter what the size.
To enroll in year-long payroll deductions, or to make a one time or recurring donation,
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Charitable Gifts Have Made A Tremendous Impact In The Past: 

Employee Unlimited Potential Fund (supporting the greatest need within the hospital and community)

  • Annually, the Employee Unlimited Potential Fund (UP) supports efforts to assist the poor and vulnerable in our community. In fiscal year 2020, UP purchased 400 student backpacks and donated $1,000 in holiday gift cards to those in need throughout the community. The fund supports our patients by providing recovery aids such as activities and crafts for our rehab patients, and COVID discharge bags. UP has also sponsored the associate picnic, the redesign of the cafeteria patio, and benches around our campus. Annually, UP supports educational grants totaling $9,000 to assist associates with higher education expenses, our Hospital Week pancake breakfast, the patio gardens and outdoor planters.
  • Community Health Fund
  • The health and wellness of our community is a vital part of our mission. The Community Health Fund provides opportunities for community outreach and healthy living resources to improve overall quality of life. In fiscal year 2020, automatic blood pressure cuffs, scales and otoscopes were purchased for health screenings in our community. Diabetes Prevention Program tool kit bags, with information and diabetes self-care items, were provided to increase participant success. The Community Health Fund supports programming for all ages including food and nutrition, fall prevention, safety, healthy lifestyles and wellness initiatives.
  • Patient Help Fund
  • Gifts to this fund help patients in need of financial assistance with medication, transportation and medical supplies, to ensure they have what they need for discharge from the hospital.
  • CareGiver Support Fund
  • The Foundation established this fund at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, raising over $38,000. This fund will contribute to associate hardship relief, as well as other wellness initiatives that provide stress relief, and promote mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to our caregivers. During the height of the pandemic, we provided $17,000 in financial hardship assistance to our associates.
  • Mental Wellness Fund
  • The mental well-being of our community is one of the top three priorities identified in our most recent Community Health Needs Assessment. The Mental Wellness Fund was created to support programming, resources and training for our associates, patients, families and community partners experiencing personal challenges, or who are caring for someone who may be struggling with their mental well-being.

The spirit of giving does make a difference!

Help ensure the best patient care
for our community now, and for
the future.