Cancer Care

Resources for Patients

As the nurse navigator works closely with patients and their families, she has identified areas where there are opportunities to provide even more resources and opportunities to help patients going through cancer treatment.  There is an opportunity to provide items like the following to newly diagnosed patients:

  • Book to help patients know they are not alone
  • Binder to help organize information patients will receive, including a place to hold business cards and contact information
  • Tote bag to put everything they receive in one place 

Inpatient Transportation for Cancer Treatment

The hospital is responsible for providing transportation and paying for any cancer treatment a patient might need while in the hospital. The transportation must take place by ambulance since the patient is in inpatient status. The hospital has been providing approximately $64,500+ annually to accommodate inpatients who have this need and are looking for philanthropic support to help support these patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Help ensure the best patient care
for our community now, and for
the future.