September 2021

Your Dollars at Work

Your donation to Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital made a huge impact for kids (backpacks), community members (food and essential needs) and our employees (education) — thank you for making a difference!

In FY21, donations to the Employee Unlimited Potential Fund purchased 400 student backpacks and $1,000 in holiday gift cards. In the coming year, grants will be available to hospital departments for refreshing their breakrooms.

Your gifts also helped in the following ways: provided rehab patients with activities and craft items; created COVID-19 discharge bags; provided financial assistance for associates in need; supported the annual associate picnic and hospital week pancake breakfast; and helped associates with higher education expenses through educational grants.

To support this fund at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital, please click the “Donate” link below and select “Employee Unlimited Potential” from the drop-down menu. Thank you in advance for your gift!

Your donation helps residents and physicians perfect their basic and advanced robotic surgical techniques in the Simulation and Education Center at Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield. Thank you for making a difference!

Your gift to the Simulation and Education Center Fund was used to purchase a Simbionix RobotiX Mentor™ Simulator. The new simulator is used by general surgery and OB/GYN residents as well as attending physicians to train in both basic and advanced robotic surgical techniques. Staff at the Southfield campus will now have access to a device 24/7 and no longer need to travel to the Novi campus for training.

This is a statement from Dr. William Oppat, Program Director of General Surgery, "Robotic surgery is the future of general surgery. It will only gain in use. It is vital that residents receive training to become competent surgeons upon graduation."

“Before starting the program, I could hardly communicate with my daughter.” “Now I’m able to understand her so much better. I could never thank you enough for offering this program. I hope it continues; I can’t wait to learn more.”

The Holley Institute’s Community Health and Literacy (CHL) program launched in 2019. Your donations support the program director position; help to hire mentors; and provide training and educational materials.

Mentors reported that parents’ sign language skills improved compared to when they began participating in CHL, emphasizing the program’s vital role for families.

One parent commented, “I think about my growth since our first meeting to where I am now – it's life changing! I feel much more confident signing with my child and am getting more confident with conversational skills. You do an excellent job making me feel comfortable and bridging the communication gap. I can't express how thankful I am!”

CHL is highly effective. So far, seven mentors were hired; nine families received life-changing education; 182 educational sessions (396 hours) were completed; hard of hearing, deaf, and blind children read 80 books; and an American Sign Language story-time event was held with 47 attendees.

Invest in the Health of our Communities

When you make a donation, Your gift goes right to work, right in your community.