Alzheimer’s Therapy Products

Do you know someone affected by Alzheimer's, Dementia, or Memory Loss? If so, you have seen the confusion, fear, and anxiety this disease creates in the person living with it and the toll it takes on those who love them. When someone with this disease is sick and admitted to the hospital, it causes even more confusion because their surroundings and those caring for them have changed.

 A person with Alzheimer’s has impaired memory and altered cognitive abilities. The use of redirection tools helps to improve the quality of life for people with this devastating disease. 

Patients who have Alzheimer’s therapy products available during their stay are provided additional compassionate care.  

These products include: 

  • Fidget toys

  • Music

  • Activity mats 

  • Lifelike pets that have realistic fur and pet-like sounds and breathing. 

  • And more!

These products can help significantly assist with mood and behavior. Your gift today will be used to purchase redirection tools that will make a real difference in the life of a person affected by Alzheimer's while receiving care at Ascension St. Joseph.

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