Carter Kits

Ascension St. Joseph Foundation

When an emergency occurs, children with autism and other sensory disorders often become scared, and their brains have difficulty receiving information from their senses. This can cause them to become overwhelmed and have trouble communicating effectively, often resulting in a delay in receiving the help they need.

Your gift of $80 can help these children by providing first responders and Emergency Room staff with a Carter Kit to aid in their treatment and help calm them.

Carter Kits are sensory kits that contain items designed to calm overstimulation caused by an emergency situation. Items included in the kits are: 

  • Weighted blanket

  • Sunglasses

  • Noise-reducing earmuffs

  • Non-verbal cue cards 

  • Fidget toys. 

Each of these items is necessary to reduce the anxiety these children feel during an emergency,

Many parents with special needs children fear that their child will not be able to communicate effectively during an emergency. This communication barrier can increase the chance of further injury, an unnecessary arrest, or even make a difference between life and death.

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