Wig Kits

Ascension St. Joseph Foundation

A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic. Not only does the thought of treatments cause concern, but the worry of how to pay for these treatments, and the side effects from them can also be distressing.

One of the most disheartening challenges can be hair loss or thinning of hair caused by chemotherapy, radiation and cancer medications. Losing hair can cause more than a change in physical appearance. It can also be an emotional challenge that affects self-image and quality of life.

Your gift of $50 will provide a cancer patient with a wig kit that includes:

  • Wig

  • Cap

  • Comb 

  • Shampoo to care for the wig

Your gift can make a difference for a cancer patient and help them regain their self-esteem. It is a simple way to help them emotionally heal and lessen their financial burden.

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