Field Neurosciences Institute

The Field Neurosciences Institute is a charitable, scientific, educational, not-for-profit corporation.  FNI works closely with Ascension St. Mary’s to provide a full continuum of care to neurological patients–from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and care after treatment.  FNI engages in research projects to advance the boundaries of knowledge in the neurosciences and sponsors educational programs to keep practitioners up to date on the latest neuroscience developments. FNI also strives to inform the public about neurosciences and to foster the prevention of neurological diseases, disorders and injuries.

The Field Neurosciences Institute was founded in 1988 through a gift from the four Field brothers to the Daughters of Charity. The Institute stands in tribute to the Field family and exemplifies a commitment to perpetuate the Christian principles of honesty, integrity, compassion, love, and loyalty – the very principles that shaped the lives of the Field brothers.  Founded in 1874 to bring medical services to what was then a frontier lumber boomtown, Ascension St. Mary’s has long been a leader in offering the most up-to-date health care technology to northeastern lower Michigan. 

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Ascension St. Mary’s and FNI

Ascension St. Mary’s leadership in neurological and neurosurgical care can, in many ways, be traced to 1961 – and the arrival in Saginaw of a talented young physician named E. Malcolm Field.

Dr. Field brought impeccable credentials: a medical education from the University of Michigan and a residency at Henry Ford Hospital. He brought a unique combination of skills and training in neurology and neurosurgery. And he brought an intense dedication to helping others and a virtually tireless work ethic – products of his upbringing with three brothers on a Brighton dairy farm.

Within a few years, Dr. Field helped turn Ascension St. Mary’s into the neurological care center for our area of Michigan. Ascension St. Mary’s developed the region’s first – and still the only – Neuro Intensive Care and Progressive Care units.  Ascension St. Mary’s was the first to offer area residents sophisticated diagnostic tools such as CT and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

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