October 2021

Your Dollars At Work

Ascension Borgess Associates Experiencing A Financial Crisis In 2020 Received Assistance Because Of Your Generosity – Thank You!

Seventeen Borgess associates were given financial help through the Associate Hardship Fund during their time of need. This fund is supported entirely through your donations. Associates in southwest Michigan can apply for assistance through the “My Ascension” portal. In their time of need, an associate can receive financial help that is confidential, respectful and does not foster dependency.

Who received help (by job title): RNs, Medical Assistants, Patient Care Techs, Secretaries, Patient Access Representatives, Coordinators, LPNs, Patient Transporters, Managers, Therapists, Security Officers, etc.

This is an expression of gratitude from an associate: “I want to thank all of the donors who helped my family with groceries during this challenging time. With my wife not having a job from COVID-19, your generosity and kindness helped us out with much-needed diapers and food. Thank you for showing kindness and love.”

Uninsured Patients With Diabetes Received Lifesaving Care And Education Because Of You. Thank You For Making A Difference!  

When left untreated, diabetes can lead to devastating, life-threatening complications including heart disease, nerve damage, blindness, kidney failure and amputations. Your gift to the Diabetes Care and Education Fund at Ascension Borgess directly supports our patients in need of diabetic care and education.

Through this fund, our uninsured and underinsured patients receive assistance with costs associated with their doctor visits, blood labs, patient education, monitors and testing supplies. Diabetic patients learn how their medication works, the best time to test their blood sugar level, and what to do when it is above target.

One patient expressed gratitude for the help received and said he is “feeling so much better now that he is aware of his diabetes and has learned ways to manage his blood sugar.”

The vital work of the Diabetes and Endocrine Center’s Uninsured Clinic would not be possible without you!

A Child Is Reading Because Of You! 

Your support of the Reach Out and Read Fund at Ascension Borgess-Pipp Hospital made the gift of a book possible for a child. Thank you for making this happen! 

Your dollars donated to Reach Out and Read were used to purchase books for children in need. Each child who comes to a well child visit at Ascension’s Plainwell Pediatrics location receives a free book through the Literacy Disparity Program.

The children are incredibly happy to get a “present” when they come to see the doctor. They absolutely love the fun books!

You helped a child to read while alleviating anxiety about visiting the doctor. You made a difference in a young life, and your generosity is deeply appreciated!

You want the best for your family
and neighbors – your gifts provide
the margin of excellence in
Borgess healthcare programs.