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Marie Hall Nursing Scholarship Fund

Marie Hall was a dedicated member of our nursing staff at Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital, and made a lasting difference in her community. Those who knew and loved Marie established a fund within Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation to help others advance their knowledge and skills in nursing. A scholarship award is made every spring to help a member of the Allegan Healthcare Group staff achieve their educational goals and aspirations.

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Debra Rae Daniels Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Debra Rae Daniels Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to help a member of the Allegan Healthcare Group staff achieve their educational goals toward the completion of a Master’s Degree. An award from this fund is announced every spring to assist a deserving individual.

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Allegan Neighbors Fund
The Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation has established a dedicated fund called the Allegan Neighbors Fund to assist individuals and families for whom a medical need or hospitalization creates a significant burden for which philanthropic giving can provide some measure of relief and restoration.

The creation of this fund is in recognition that while other measures and methods are in place to help individuals and families to the extent resources allow, the responsibility and the commitment to provide care for all who need it is placing an increasing and disproportionate burden on our overall society, on our healthcare providers, and on the entire economic fabric that affects all of us.
This fund is administered by Ascension Borgess Allegan team members closest to our patients and their families that recognize the challenges patients may face due to hardship caused by illness or injury. To ensure that donated dollars from this fund are used in the most effective and meaningful manner, each case is carefully screened to ensure the funds donated can make the greatest difference for those in need.

Alice Webb Wellness Fund

How each of us defines wellness can sometimes be a topic of water-cooler conversation. Perhaps more exercise, stop-smoking programs, better exercise and nutrition, reduced stress and much more. There are many ways that together we can become “more well.” Wellness activities and initiatives take many forms. Whatever the definition is for each individual, innovative programs are making a real difference in people’s lives. The Alice Webb Wellness Fund supports initiatives that help bring us to a better state of being, so that we are better able to avoid illness and enjoy life more richly.
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Paula West Therapeutic Riding Fund
An award from this fund is announced every spring for kids 5-18 in Allegan and Van Buren counties in need of financial assistance to attend Cheff’s Therapeutic Riding Center. Cheff’s Therapeutic Riding Center opened in 1969 as the first therapeutic riding center built especially for the purpose of serving those with special needs in North America. They serve riders of all ages who have physical, emotional or cognitive disabilities. 
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Touches of Home
A hospital stay at Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital should be as comfortable as possible, offering the very best experience for healing and quality of life. It should also include opportunities for family members and other loved ones to be a participating and meaningful part of the healing process.

Our rooms at Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital are clean and comfortable and have all of the necessary features to provide high-quality care. Some touches are included to make each room more home-like, but through innovation and creativity, and as we near our goal of all private rooms for our patients at the hospital, we would like to offer more options than ever before. Through the caring and generosity of our donors to the Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation, this innovation and creativity can be achieved.

The “Touches of Home” Fund provides resources to add those items and features that can bring even greater comfort, recreation and enjoyment, and helpful interaction between a patient and those who care for and about them. It offers the opportunity to provide sources of joy and beauty in sight, sound and touch through art, music, and a range of other aesthetic additions to our healing environments throughout the hospital. Based on available funding, these features and amenities can be made available for those we serve in both inpatient and outpatient areas of the hospital as well as in our common areas.

Some of the things we might be able to add through this new fund include:

  • a variety of artwork (paintings, sculptures, fountains, etc.)
  • enhanced and varied furnishings
  • themed draperies, blinds and wall coverings
  • more options for games, books, Wii, and other interactive interests
  • expanded music through iPods, mp3 players (and docks) or satellite radio
  • additional laptop computers, DVD, or other media devices
  • an expanded inventory for our patient amenities cart
  • resources and materials for a “humor” cart, or an “arts” cart
  • support for experts to provide massages or other special options for our patients when desired and clinically appropriate
  • video teleconferencing to include family members and friends who are far away
  • added materials for “celebrations” upon impending discharge or other life events
  • “on-demand” movies or other entertainment through our television systems
  • other innovations based on feedback and suggestions from our patients, family members, visitors and other guests

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