Allegan Neighbors Fund

Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation

The Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation has established a dedicated fund called the Allegan Neighbors Fund to assist individuals and families for whom a medical need or hospitalization creates a significant burden for which philanthropic giving can provide some measure of relief and restoration.

The creation of this fund is in recognition that while other measures and methods are in place to help individuals and families to the extent resources allow, the responsibility and the commitment to provide care for all who need it is placing an increasing and disproportionate burden on our overall society, on our healthcare providers, and on the entire economic fabric that affects all of us.

This fund is administered by AGH team members closest to our patients and their families that recognize the challenges patients may face due to hardship caused by illness or injury. This fund is designed to provide meaningful assistance that can make a significant difference in helping a family recover or cope with a lack of resources for the care they need.

To ensure that donated dollars from this fund are used in the most effective and meaningful manner, each case is carefully screened to ensure the funds donated can make the greatest difference for those in need.