Touches of Home

Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation

A hospital stay at Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital should be as comfortable as possible, offering the very best experience for healing and quality of life. It should also include opportunities for family members and other loved ones to be a participating and meaningful part of the healing process.

Our rooms at Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital are clean and comfortable, and have all of the necessary features to provide high quality care. Some touches are included to make each room more home-like, but through innovation and creativity, and as we near our goal of all private rooms for our patients at the hospital, we would like to offer more options than ever before. Through the caring and generosity of our donors to the Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation, this innovation and creativity can be achieved.

The “Touches of Home” Fund provides resources to add those items and features that can bring even greater comfort, recreation and enjoyment, and helpful interaction between a patient and those who care for and about them. It offers the opportunity to provide sources of joy and beauty in sight, sound and touch through art, music, and a range of other aesthetic additions to our healing environments throughout the hospital. Based on available funding, these features and amenities can be made available for those we serve in both inpatient and outpatient areas of the hospital as well as in our common areas.

Some of the things we might be able to add through this new fund include:

  • a variety of artwork (paintings, sculpture, fountains, etc.)
  • enhanced and varied furnishings
  • themed draperies, blinds and wall coverings
  • more options for games, books, Wii, and other interactive interests
  • expanded music through ipods, mp3 players (and docks) or through satellite radio
  • additional laptop computers, dvd, or other media devices
  • an expanded inventory for our patient amenities cart
  • resources and materials for a “humor” cart, or an “arts” cart
  • support for experts to provide massages or other special options for our patients when desired and clinically appropriate
  • video teleconferencing to include family members and friends who are far away
  • added materials for “celebrations” upon impending discharge or other life events
  • “on demand” movies or other entertainment through our television systems
  • other innovations based on feedback and suggestions from our patients, family members, visitors and other guests