Ways to Give

Annual Fund

The Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation Annual Fund supports projects, programs and initiatives of the Foundation on behalf of the patients and families we have the privilege of serving. Our annual fund activities also provide necessary resources for Foundation operations. Activities for our Annual Fund include our direct mail requests, annual events, specific project campaigns and other giving opportunities. We are extremely grateful to our donors to the Annual Fund. They play a key role in making what we can do for others possible.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Helping others while remembering someone special can be healing and very affirming for family, friends and loved ones. A memorial donation can be a powerful expression of giving – helping those who need it, starting a new program or initiative, providing for an important piece of healthcare equipment, establishing a scholarship program – while also remembering someone who has touched our lives in a meaningful way. Honor gifts may be on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary, or to mark another important occasion. A gift in honor of someone can even be in lieu of a gift you give directly to them, to honor them by helping someone else in their name. If you’d like to help through “Memorial and Honor Gifts”, contact the Foundation or call (269) 686-4234.

Gifts in Kind

Sometimes gifts to help others come in the most unexpected ways. Perhaps it’s a donated service, or a piece of furniture, or something else that is “other than money”. Many of these gifts are called gifts-in-kind. If you have something of value that you would like to donate to help others, the Foundation or the hospital may be able to use it for the care or comfort of others. If you’d like to help through a “gift-in-kind”, contact the Foundation or call (269) 686-4234.

Major Gifts

Sometimes individuals, families or organizations have the ability to make a larger gift. Sometimes it can be a very large gift. These gifts can be leadership gifts to inspire others to also give. They may be a “seed” to begin an important new program or service in caring for others. Some major gifts can even have a powerful, transformational ability to move an organization in an important new direction in fulfilling its mission. A major gift may be an outright gift, a gift given over time, or may be a “planned gift” through a will or bequest through an estate plan. Such a gift can have a wonderful impact for an entire community, and can sometimes be a help for generations. If you’d like learn more about opportunities through the Foundation for a major gift, or to talk about the possibility of making a major gift for the benefit of patients and their families through the hospital or the community, please contact or call the Foundation at (269) 686-4234.

Planned Giving

Including charitable giving in your future financial and estate plans can have significant benefits for you, your loved ones, and Ascension Borgess Allegan. A planned gift, whether it's a bequest in a will, a charitable gift annuity, or a charitable trust arrangement, often costs nothing in the present but has an immeasurable impact for the future. The Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation can help you, in partnership with your financial and legal advisors, help you achieve your future financial and philanthropic goals.