February 2022

Your Dollars At Work

Patients In Need Are Discharged With Clean Warm Clothes Because Of You! Thank You! 

Every day, many patients arrive at Ascension Borgess Hospital’s Emergency Room with their clothes in bad shape, soiled or completely destroyed.

Your gift in support of the Mission fund was used to purchase the following for the Clothing Closet at the hospital: 350 pairs of winter gloves; 220 winter hats; 400 pairs of warm, thick socks; and 60 sweatpants for patients without the means or resources to replace their clothes.

Patients have expressed gratitude for their new clean, warm clothes. Many had never heard of the Clothing Closet or knew that donations make it possible for patients in need to receive the clothes.

Thank you for helping a patient to be discharged with dignity (in warm and clean clothes)!

If you would like to support a patient in need through the Clothing Closet at Ascension Borgess, visit our secure website (click here) and designate “Mission Fund” from the drop down menu. We are going through clothes at a record pace- the need is urgent! 

Improved Patient And Staff Safety In The Operating Room At Ascension Borgess-Lee Hospital Was Made Possible Because Of You!

Your gift to the Ascension Borgess-Lee Foundation helped purchase a Neptune 3 mobile unit for Surgical Services and is being used in the Operating Room.

The Neptune 3 unit collects waste and evacuates surgical smoke generated from surgical devices that use an electric current. It is a constantly closed system that collects, transports and disposes of surgical waste fluid while protecting patients and staff from hazardous fluid and smoke exposure.

According to Diana Mikulski, Registered Nurse Manager, Surgical Services and Emergency Department, the Neptune 3 equipment is essential to staff and patient safety. “Because of the Neptune device, the Operating Room staff now has decreased exposure to body fluids as well as potentially harmful smoke inhalation.”

Because Of You, A Patient's Life Will Be Saved! 

Your gift helped purchase five new defibrillators that were in need of replacement at Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital - Allegan Clinic. The need was urgent as the manufacturer of the existing defibrillators was discontinuing its support of the equipment.

The new defibrillators have a safety feature that counts compressions when in use. This feature gives staff the time needed to rotate duties (to help prevent exhaustion and maintain high-quality chest compressions to keep profusion high). The new technology improves patient safety and health outcomes.

Thank you for your support that will save a life when needed the most!

A Patient Getting Discharged From The Hospital Needs Your Help Now!

The need is urgent when a patient discharged from the hospital does not have any help or resources for their immediate needs. Their recovery becomes compromised, and many individuals are readmitted to the hospital. The good news is…you can help a patient in need today!

Your donation to help a patient in need through the HOPE Fund (Helping Our Patients in Emergencies) will provide for essential needs after discharge such as:

  • Prescription medications
  • Medical equipment (e.g., walker, commode chair, oxygen)
  • Gas for follow-up appointments
  • Food, electricity and more

Your gift of $25 will help one patient, and a gift of $75 will help three patients.

Your gift will stay local and help a patient in your community. You will assist a patient who is struggling with costs associated with crucial needs after their hospital stay.

If you would like to support a patient in need after discharge from Ascension Borgess Hospital, please visit our secure website (click here) and designate “HOPE (Helping Our Patients in Emergencies) fund” from the drop-down menu. Thank you in advance for your support!

You want the best for your family
and neighbors – your gifts provide
the margin of excellence in
Borgess healthcare programs.