September 2021

Your Dollars At Work

When You Chose To Support The Sister Betty Veenhuis “Dear Neighbor” HOPE Fund (Helping Our Patients In Emergencies), You Provided Support For Patients In Need After They Were Discharged From Our Hospital.

Your donation to this fund helped vulnerable patients in our community. Because of you, patients received life-saving prescription medications; obtained needed medical equipment; were provided financial support for basic living needs such as food, assistance with utility bills (to ensure a safe environment), gas cards (to keep medical follow-up appointments) and more.

Thank you for helping a patient on their road to recovery – you made a difference for a patient in need during a time that is critical to their health and healing.

A T-shirt, Sweatpants, Underwear, Socks – All Provided To A Patient In Need Because Of Your Donation To The Compassionate Hands Fund. Thank You For Helping A Patient To Be Discharged From Our Hospital With Dignity. 

Your donation to the Compassionate Hands Fund supports programs that include the Patient Emergency Closet which provides clothing for patients in the Emergency Room who are unable to obtain clothes for themselves.

For some patients, new clothes are necessary to replace those torn in an accident, ruined or cut off to render medical assistance. Others require a hat, jacket or pair of gloves to help keep them warm.

Thank you for your gifts that provided our patients with clothes upon discharge from the hospital. You helped them leave our care with dignity, and your generosity is appreciated.

Your Gifts Make Testing For Breast Cancer Possible For Patients Without Insurance through The Tree Of Love Mammography Fund. Thank You For Making A Life-Changing Difference For A Patient In Need!

Below is an expression of gratitude received from one woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer after receiving her testing:

“Thank you! I don’t know what else I can say. They (donors) have no idea how thankful people are for this help. God bless them for being so generous. I wish I could hug them all!”

All donations to the Tree of Love Mammography Fund help women with a high risk for breast cancer who do not have the financial means to access needed testing and care. When you support this fund, you can save a life!

You want the best for your family
and neighbors – your gifts provide
the margin of excellence in
Borgess healthcare programs.