Therapy Dog Programs

Behavioral Health Therapy Dog Program

The Behavioral Health Program seeks to purchase a full-time therapy dog that will visit with patients in our inpatient behavioral health ward, the Psychiatric Crisis Unit and our newly reopened Outpatient Adolescent Behavioral Health Clinic. Animal-assisted therapy aims to reduce or, in some cases, assist people in coping with certain symptoms associated with mental health disorders. Programs that incorporate animals into therapy have consequently grown to be essential parts of mental health care.

Hospital Therapy Dog Program

Volunteer therapy dogs visit with patients throughout the hospital's inpatient units. New research pinpoints the benefits of therapy dogs for not only alleviating pain but anxiety and depression as well. Research found that spending just 10 minutes with a therapy dog improved hospital patients’ overall well-being. Therapy Dog training, certification and care are very expensive and we rely on the generous support of our donors to support the program.