Tree of Love - Supporting Genesys Cancer Patients

For too many patients, fighting cancer not only means having to cope with a traumatic diagnosis and the challenge of medical treatment, but also the risk of financial strains. Normal bills become huge deals. Some patients risk having their power or water turned off because of the additional costs of their treatment. Patients feel alone, isolated and desperate for help.

Donors like you can make a powerful difference:

Your gift helps provide resources to ensure that our patients:

  • have transportation to attend medical appointments
  • receive assistance to ensure utilities are not turned off
  • can afford necessary prescriptions

This holiday season, we are asking you to again help ease the burden on our most vulnerable cancer patients by making a gift to the Cancer Patient Support Fund. Many patients were able to keep fighting because of your generosity. 

All gifts and memorials will be recognized through the Tree of Love holiday display in the Ascension Genesys Hospital atrium and online, symbolizing your generosity and spirit of compassion. 

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Invest in the Health of our Communities

When you make a donation, Your gift goes right to work, right in your community.