Ascension Genesys Sanctuary Garden

The Sanctuary Garden at Ascension Genesys Hospital was established as a spiritual haven for reflection and healing, as well as a special place for memorializing and honoring loved ones.

Located just off the Heron Walking Trail, the Sanctuary Garden welcomes its guests along beautiful paver walkways to the center, where an elegant outdoor chapel offers peaceful solitude to those in need of a quiet place to commune with nature and reach a state of balance and tranquility.

Carefully designed and planned with the support of the Ascension Genesys Foundation and Ascension Genesys Volunteers, the flora of the garden includes native Michigan wildflowers, trees and shrubs, with enhancements constructed out of natural wood, stone and metal.

The most meaningful aspect of the Sanctuary Garden comes from heartfelt gifts which can be made to memorialize or honor someone you love. Customized pavers and shrubs can be designated with your monetary gift, creating a lasting tribute for years to come and beautifying the garden in recognition of those you care about.

Honor a loved one with an engraved paver

Engraved pavers are available to memorialize or honor loved ones. Paver will be
engraved and placed along the beautiful pathway leading through the garden.

Download the engraved paver order form

Make a gift online to support the Sanctuary Garden

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For assistance in making your gift, please contact:

Karen Stiffler, MSA, APR
Chief Development Officer Ascension Mid/North Foundations

Gifts made to the Ascension Genesys Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.