Ways to Give

Your gift to the Ascension Genesys Foundation helps to maintain excellence in clinical settings and has an impact on the health of the community. All gifts made to the Ascension Genesys Foundation stay locally in the community, where their effect can be visibly seen and felt. All gifts are tax-deductible as allowable by law.

Give Online

There are several ways you can choose to support the mission of Ascension Genesys Foundation. All donations are graciously accepted, are tax-deductible, can be given in any amount, and can take the form of the following.

Give By Mail Or Phone

You can give by mailing a check payable to "Ascension Genesys Foundation" to:

Ascension Genesys Foundation
One Genesys Parkway
Grand Blanc, MI 49439

Please note the designation of your gift in the memo of the check.

Call 810-606-6387 to make a credit/debit card gift by phone.

Employer Matching Gifts

Some employers will match some or all of a gift made by an employee, allowing you to double, or even triple the impact of your generosity. Many companies will also match gifts made by spouses or retirees. Contact your employer's human resources office to learn if they offer a matching gift program. In most cases, you can send or email us a form along with your gift and we will arrange the matching gift with your employer following your gift. For more information, call us at 810-606-6387.

IRA Charitable Distribution/Rollovers

If you are older than 71 1/2 years and required to take distributions from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you can direct all or part of that distribution to be made directly to the Ascension Genesys Foundation as a charitable gift. Simply instruct your financial institution to remit a check payable to the Ascension Genesys Foundation (annotated with the specific fund or designation you would like to support). IRA charitable distributions are made tax free and still count towards your required minimum distribution (RMD).

Types of Gifts

Gifts of Cash

Cash gifts can be made with cash, check or via credit card or automatic bank withdrawal. You can mail your gift, make it in person in our offices, or use our secure online giving form.

Gifts of cash can also be deferred until you or your loved ones pass away by naming the Foundation as the recipient of a bequest in your will or estate plans or by designating a bank or retirement account to be payable to the Foundation upon death. You can also use gifts of cash to fund a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or a charitable lead trust.

If you itemize your federal taxes, your gift of cash may provide a benefit through a charitable tax deduction.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

You can make a gift of closely held appreciated securities. You may directly transfer securities or mutual funds that have appreciated in value and that you've held for at least a year. To transfer securities, simply instruct your broker to transfer the securities to the Ascension Genesys Foundation (if you have the physical securities, contact us so we can help you handle the transfer). You can also leave gifts of securities through transfer orders upon your passing, through a will or other estate plans, and can also be used to fund a charitable trust.

Direct gifts of securities may help you reduce or avoid capital gains taxes on the transfer and possible income tax savings through a charitable deduction. Securities are also commonly used to fund charitable lead trusts, which could result in a tax-free transfer to your loved ones after you pass.

Gifts In-Kind
A gift-in-kind is a gift of personal, tangible property that is made use of for charitable purposes by the Ascension Genesys Foundation. Gift-in-kind may be usable items or equipment or may be valuable items that can be converted into funding for critical needs. If you have items you are considering donating, please contact the Foundation so we can work with you on maximizing your impact.

Invest in the Health of our Communities

When you make a donation, Your gift goes right to work, right in your community.